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I wanted a Mach 1...

Every day the school bus took the same route to school. Everyday for 2 years the bus stopped at this same corner to pick up this boy. And everyday on that corner I looked out the window and I could barely make out the shape of this white Mach 1 behind a house. The car hasn't moved in 2 years. When I finished school in 1977 and got a job I went over to checkout or buy this white Mach 1. From the school bus window this car looked like a Mach 1 but up close it looked different. Its been sitting outside for several years and it was a bit of a mess. The owner wanted 1500 for the car. Now, I had always dreamt of owning my very own Mach 1 but the owner explained it was not a Mach 1, it was a Shelby. I was disappointed. I thought it was a Mach1, my Mach 1. Unfortunately I left disappointed and looked around for another used Mach 1. I couldn't find any that where priced right. I bought a 429 Torino instead and drove it around until it crashed. I then went back to the white 68 Shelby GT350 and bought it for 1500. 28 years later I still have the same car.